Since the 1950's, We have provided a wide range of customers with the highest quality pumps, packaged pumping systems, parts and service. As recognized leaders in packaged pump design, performance & innovation, we continue to lead the package pump industry.

Dakota Pump Inc. (DPI) - packaged pump stations are handled by several representatives across the US. Our product line has vastly expanded over the years to include package pump systems for both the water and wastewater markets as well as a controls department that develops high quality automation and SCADA systems for various markets. Thus making Dakota Pump Inc. a major supplier not only in the packaged pump market but also in the automated systems technology arena.

We invite you to take a look around our new website, ask questions and make comments. Most importantly we want you to experience the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every package pump system and SCADA controls system we design and manufacture.

Many documents on the Dakota Pump Inc. website are PDF files. Adobe Reader, available for FREE from Adobe, allows you to view, navigate and print PDF files. Download the free Adobe Reader from Adobe's website HERE