With client satisfaction in mind, we follow plans and specifications to the letter and we have a habit of meeting tough requirements.

A world-class water and wastewater packaged-pump manufacturer at the cutting edge of technology, Dakota Pump Inc. thinks big and always succeeds in giving life to its customer's most ambitious projects. True to our roots, we also know how to fulfill special requirements, which requires a team that is both available and attentive to clients needs.

Our team is one of the best, providing efficient and reliable technical and in-the-field support, whenever trouble arises. At Dakota Pump Inc., we're committed to getting the job done right!

Dakota Pump Inc. is a multi-service company specializing in water and wastewater packaged pumping solutions as well as PLC and System Automation. For clients that appreciate finding all the services they need from a single provider, Dakota Pump Inc. is a one-stop shop. No need to look elsewhere! Our versatility and willingness to meet challenges allow us to respond to speed and competitveness requirements.