Water Pump Stations

•   Skid Mounted Water Booster
•   Modular Water Booster
•   Grade Mounted Water Booster
•   Below Grade Water Booster
•   Water Control Vault
•   Break Tank Water Storage System

Dakota Pump is a leader in the packaged water booster industry. Using our advantage as a single source supplier along with the use of nationally recognized manufactures of pumps and major components, our water booster stations are an excellent choice for both the Design Engineer and the end user.

Due to a variety of options and pump/piping configurations, Dakota Pump offers a wide spectrum of opportunities with our water booster stations. Let our professional staff review your requirements and assist with the design of your next project. The opportunities are endless.

  • Single source supplier - Dakota Pump Inc. can provide a complete packaged-pump station utlizing our Connect & Go Technology
  • Various Pump Configurations - Dakota Pump Inc. uses many pump brands for various configurations, sizes and shapes. We can assist you in designing a custom Packaged-Pump Station to fit your needs.
  • Warranty, Service and Maintenance Agreements – Dakota Pump Inc.'s standard 1-year warranty covers all pump station components to provide you with peace of mind. Dakota Pump Inc. can design a service and maintenance schedule to meet your project needs.​
  • Standard Packages - Dakota Pump Inc. has several standard pump station designs available. Standard Packages are delivered assembled and are installed in minutes. The only work required is excavation/backfill, installing discharge piping, installing the alarm panel, and making necessary electrical connections.

Designing A Pump Station?

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Special Features

Water Booster Pump Stations

  • Packaged Water Pump Stations - Above Grade and Below Grade                                                           
  •  DPI - Connect and Go Technology
  • Name Brand Pumps and Configurations
  • All Systems Are Pre-Assembled & Tested
  • UL Listed Control Panels
  • Hydraulic & Electrical Controls
  • Valve Assemblies and Accessories

Water Pumping Systems

  • Flow, Pressure, and/or Level Control
  • Vertical and horizontal water pumps
  • Steel piping with weld fittings
  • UL Listed Package Systems Available
  • Internal conduit and wiring
  • AutoCAD Drawings and Full Specifications Available on all Packaged Systems